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Standards Required

(Selection of standards and applicable classifications can be complex please tick appropriate box for ETS to advise)

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Power Required:

Mechanical Information

Input / Output Cables

Diagram of Proposed test Configuration

Input / Output Cables

No. Description Type ¤ Maximum Length

¤ If screened cables are used then these must be declared in the documentation

Please note: For external power and signal cables that are hard wired to the equipment it may be necessary to reduce the length as required by the appropriate EMC test standard. Some example cable lengths required are listed:

• Flicker test power supply cable 1m.
• SURGE immunity test power supply cable 2m.
• FTB Immunity test power supply cable 0.55m.
• Conducted RF Immunity test power supply and signal cable 300mm.

If at the customer’s request cables for the EUT shall not be cut to the required length, this shall be recorded in the report as a deviation from the standard, noting the cable/port affected.
If due to special cable type physical constraints the required length cannot be complied with, this shall be recorded in the report as a deviation from the standard, noting the cable/port affected.
It will be required to list any deviations from the standards utilised in the Declaration of Conformity.

Product Design Information

Radio Transceivers

(Please state the number and details of the operating modes necessary to fully exercise the EUT together with the cycle time required to exercise all functions.)

Harmonic Current Emissions Test for Lighting Equipment (Lamps)

Lamps shall be aged for = 100 hours before the test is carried out.

Has your equipment for test been pre-aged (Lamps)


In order to make reliable emission measurements representative of high LAN utilization it is only necessary to create a condition of LAN utilization in excess of 10% and sustain that level for a minimum of 250 ms. The content of the test traffic should consist of both periodic and pseudo-random messages in order to emulate realistic types of data transmission (e.g. random: files compressed or encrypted; periodic: uncompressed graphic files, memory dumps, screen updates, disk images). If the LAN maintains transmission during idle periods measurements shall also be made during idle periods.

(Describe how we can monitor the performance of the equipment, i.e. reading tolerances, mechanical operations, software, acoustical and visual))

Test Report and Documentation

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