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VCA ‘e’ Marking of Automotive Electrical and Electronic sub-assemblies (ESA)

Manufacturers and suppliers of automotive systems and sub-assemblies need to demonstrate compliance with the automotive EMC directive (2004/104/EC). The current Automotive directive and amendments 2006/28/EC, 2009/19/EC allows equipment, that does not have ‘immunity related function’, to be CE marked by carrying out limited testing, involving radiated emissions and immunity to conducted transients

Automotive electrical and electronic sub-assemblies can be EMC certified via two routes, CE marking and e-marking. CE marking is generally appropriate for non safety critical systems. Safety critical systems require e-marking where the following tests are necessary:

Broadband and narrowband radiated emissions

Conducted emissions

Radiated immunity

Transient immunity

At ETS we can carry out remedial investigations and testing on electrical and electronic sub-assemblies (ESA) and components intended for after market fitment.