In the case of EMC, there are many basic EMC standards. It is the job of the product standard to identify the what is relevant to that product group’s environment and then reference the basic standard and appropriate limits. The table below indicates the current list of EMC basic standards.

The basic standards are important to manufacturers and test labs alike for different reasons. Manufacturers need to keep a watching brief on what is being developed within the basic standard since it will have a long term impact on the design of products whilst test labs need to ensure that they are equipped with the appropriate test equipment and facilities when the product family standards make reference to the basic standards’ methods.

Standards and tests are continually added to our portfolio, so please contact us for our latest capability. However a selection of common EMC standards include:

Emissions Tests Immunity Tests
Information Technology Equipment EN55022 Class A ESD EN61000-4-2
Information Technology Equipment EN55022 Class B Radiated Immunity EN61000-4-3
Industrial, Scientific and Medical EN55011 Class A Fast Transient Burst EN61000-4-4
Industrial, Scientific and Medical EN55011 Class B Surges EN61000-4-5
Harmonic Current Emissions EN61000-3-2 Conducted Immunity EN61000-4-6
Voltage Fluctuation and Flicker EN61000-3-3 Magnetic Field EN61000-4-8
Voltage Dips/Interruptions EN61000-4-11
Product Specific Standards Emissions Immunity
Information Technology Equipment Class A EN55022 EN55024
Information Technology Equipment Class B EN55022 EN55024
Generic Light Industrial EN61000-6-3 EN61000-6-1
Generic Heavy Industrial EN61000-6-4 EN61000-6-2
Audio and TV EN55103-1-E1-E2-E3
Sound and Television Broadcast Receivers EN55013 EN55020
Household EN55014-1 EN55014-2
Medical EN60601-1-2 EN60601-1-2
Alarm Systems EN61000-6-3 EN50130-4
Access Control EN50133-1 EN50130-4
Lighting Luminaires EN55015 EN61547
EN60598 EN60598
Laboratory – basic EN61326-1 EN61326-1
Laboratory – Industrial EN61326-1 EN61326-1
Lifts and Escalators EN12015 EN12016
Electrical Apparatus Detection and Measurement of Combustible Gases EN50270 EN50270
Valve proving system for automatic shut-off for gas burners and gas appliances EN1643 EN1643
Automatic gas burner control system for gas burners and appliances EN298 EN298
Gas/air ration controls for gas burners and appliances EN12067-2 EN12067-2
Automatic burner control systems for oil burners EN230 EN230
Traffic Signals (Please call ETS to discuss) EN50293 EN50293
Arc Welding EN60974-10 EN60974-10
Electrical Relay EN60255-26 EN60255-26
Electricity Metering Equipment EN62052-11 EN62052-11
Industrial, scientific and medical (Please call ETS to discuss) EN55011 EN55011
Maritime EN60945 EN60945
Power Drive EN61800-3 EN61800-3
Switchgear EN60947-1 EN60947-1
Railway Applications
General EN50121-1 EN50121-1
Whole railway system to the outside world EN50121-2
Rolling Stock, Train and complete vehicle EN50121-3-1 EN50121-3-1
Rolling Stock, Apparatus EN61000-6-4 EN50121-3-2
Signalling and Telecommunications apparatus EN61000-6-4 EN50121-4
Fixed power supply installations and apparatus EN50121-2 / EN61000-6-4 EN50121-5
Fixed Installations, protective provisions relating to electrical safety and earthing EN50122-1 EN50122-1
Fixed installations, protective provisions against the effects of stray currents EN50122-2 EN50122-2
Electronic equipment used on rolling stock EN50155 EN50122-1
Human Exposure N/A
Electromagnetic Fields – Low frequency EN50166-1
Electromagnetic Fields – High frequency EN50166-2
Electromagnetic fields from short range devices EN62369-1
Radio frequency fields from hand-held and body-mounted wireless communication devices EN62209-1
Household and similar electrical appliances – Methods for evaluation and measurement EN50366
Household appliances and similar apparatus with regard to human exposure EN62233
Generic standard to demonstrate the compliance of low power electronic and electrical apparatus with the basic restrictions EN50371
Radio base stations and fixed terminal stations for wireless telecommunications systems EN50383
Assessment of electronic and electrical equipment EN62311
Computer and Digital Devices,Business, Industrial and Commercial FCC, Part 15 Class A
Computer and Digital Devices, Domestic FCC, Part 15 Class B
Intentional Radiators FCC, Part 15 Sub Part C
Mil-Std 461 DEF59-41
VCA 95/54/EC / 2004-104 95/54/EC / 2004-104
DEF Stan 59-411 DEF59-41 DEF59-41
In the case of EMC, there are many basic EMC standards.