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EMF Testing

EMF testing involves the measurements of Electromagnetic Fields up to 300 GHz  relating to human exposure.

Exposure to unsafe levels of EMF can cause various adverse health related conditions. EMF assessments are carried out through the measurements of electric field strength, magnetic field strength, magnetic flux density, power density, contact voltage and contact current.

Testing is carried out  in accordance with the ICNIRP. NRPB, EMF Directive 2004/40/EC and European recommendation 1999/519/EEC for human protection to exposition to magnetic fields.

Testing can be carried out to various standards including EN 62233 and EN 50366 which establishes the limits for emissions of magnetic fields of household appliances and other similar products.

ETS can undertake measurements at our laboratory and on-site.  Our efficient team carry out spot measurements and also measure and record changes in EMF fields over a period of time.

At either green-field or developed sites, ETS can identify and characterise the higher-band radio frequency environment, from DC up to a maximum of 40 GHz.