EMC - Testing, Consulting, Troubleshooting

Test Plans and Test Reports

Test Plans are an essential requirement prior to undertaking testing. They enable clients to understand their product requirements which also form part of the certification report.

ETS helps in this process by closely working with customers to decide on the test configuration, identifying the applicable standards and tests for the intended market.  As part of the high standards of service we pride ourselves on, we prepare comprehensive test plans at no obligation accompanied by our competitive priced quotations. Test plans list all the applicable tests and standards with a detailed breakdown of test times and costs.

EMC Test reports document the testing carried out and test results. Compliance reports are comprehensive and lengthy documents which include clear reference to the applicable standards, test levels applied and results including photographs, plots, scans and illustrations.  Detailed information regarding the unit under test (EUT) is also included.

We provide soft copies in PDF format on a CD or by email