EMC - Testing, Consulting, Troubleshooting

EMC Site Survey

EMC site surveys involve electromagnetic characterization of sites, offices, buildings, hospitals, schools, RF secure establishments, etc, in the interest of Data Protection, Health and Safety and Electromagnetic Compatibility.  This type of testing is undertaken by our self contained mobile unit which is equipped and able to operate in the remotest of locations.

With Site Survey testing we can cover the frequency range dc to 40 GHz  which includes the following measurement  services:

Radiated Electric Field

  • Radiated Magnetic field
  • EMF
  • Conducted
  • Microwave Field Survey
  • Surveillance
  • Power quality
  • Stray current
  • Touch potential

ETS can undertake on-site field strength measurements of electromagnetic and electrical fields.  Our efficient team carry out spot measurements of field strength and also measure and record changes in field strength over a period of time.

ETS specialises in the measurement of hazardous RF fields, whether an electromagnetic exposure hazard to personnel or an accidental initiation of an electro-explosive device due to RF radiation.  In all cases of hazardous RF field evaluation, ETS helps to minimise the risk through consultancy on mitigation methods.