EMC - Testing, Consulting, Troubleshooting

Railway EMC Testing

“We believe we have the most experience railway test team, with over 15 years of continuous service to the railway industry.”

ETS has over 15 years of railway EMC testing experience, working with a variety of different railway companies and projects. Our testing capabilities cover apparatus, systems, installations, rolling stock and infrastructure to all the relevant railway standards.

Our consultants and dedicated team provides a complete package of services meeting the requirements of both short-term and long-term projects.

We can undertake all aspects of the EMC measurements of a project and have experience in:

EMC Testing

Remedial Investigation and problem solving

Management Plans

Safety Case Submission

Technical reports

Review of technical documentation

Validation and Verification

EMF measurements and health effects assessments

Short circuit measurements

Touch potential measurements

Signalling and communication field strength measurements


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